[◎ From July 14 (Fri) to July 16 (Sun), July 20, 2017 I will participate in “Kaeru Matsuri” at a teahouse in Kobe and Waterfall.]

[◎ From September 15 (Fri) to September 24, 2017 (Osaka) Umeda Kawachi Painting and Hankyu Sanbangai Store (Kitanikan B1) will be held at the Art Gallery.]

◎2018年3月初旬〜4月中旬 京都・向日市Live cafe 「2nd room」さんにてTAM TAMさんと二人展開催します。
[◎ From the beginning of March 2018 to the middle of April, Kyoto and Gifu City live cafe “2nd room” will be held with TAM TAM.]

[For more information, please visit the blog Twitter INSTARGRAM and check it out.]